Bringing Au Pairs to the Roxborough Community

Posted on March 14, 2017 by Chad Bergman

Bringing Au Pairs to the Roxborough Community

Au Pairs provide your family with flexibility, one-on-one care in your home, consistent and affordable childcare. Au Pairs cost $385 per week, per familyWhat is an Au Pair? An au pair is a young adult from overseas who lives with your family on a legal visa for up to two years to provide childcare in exchange for room and board and an opportunity to become part of an American family. Au pairs can care for your children on a schedule that works for your family’s personal needs, making it a very flexible option. They can also help with household duties related to your children, including laundry, cooking and room pick-up. The extra set of hands an au pair provides is often just what busy families need to make their lives more manageable—and more fun!

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Each au pair is personally interviewed, evaluated for English level and takes a DISC personality test. Each au pair must submit a clean criminal background check, equivalent of a high school diploma, (most are college educated), copy of a valid driver’s license, personal health profile and doctor’s verification, three unrelated references verified. Does your family have the Au Pair heart to host?

You are supported year-round by your agency and local childcare consultant (LCC), right in your neighborhood. Your LCC guides you throughout the year. Your LCC has monthly meetings for au pairs. Your au pair has an instant group of friends and a sense of belonging when she arrives. Check out some the pictures from some of our au pair meetings in the community.

To find out more please call Jennifer Morrow, Local Childcare Consultant and Matching Specialist at 303-797-0992 or visit her website at:

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