Keeping A New Year’s Resolution

Posted on January 5, 2016 by Krysta Cossitt

Keeping A New Year’s Resolution

It’s a new year!!! A great excuse to start fresh, make a plan and come up with a New Year’s Resolution. Resolutions can be tricky, however. Many start off strong and then fade by March. Some don’t event get started. Below are some helpful tips on how to keep your resolution and not only celebrate the end of another year but celebrate your accomplishments within it.

1. Your New Year’s Resolution should be something that you really want. Resolutions shouldn’t be decided based on what you think they should be or what others say they should be. It’s your resolution so make sure it fits into your life and values. Really think about it and make it count.

2. Don’t get carried away. Limit your goals to an obtainable list. One or two resolutions will allow you to focus on accomplishing them rather than discouraging you.

3. Don’t be vague. Make a resolution detailed so that it provides you with direction. For example, a resolution of losing weight can be more defined by establishing rules and parameters such as specific weight loss goals or number of days you need to hit the gym.

4. Break your resolution down into smaller goals. By making smaller attainable goals your overall resolution won’t be so daunting and it will provide you with encouragement when you accomplish the smaller ones. For example, if your goal is to lose 20 pounds by the end of the year you could break it down to 5 pounds a quarter. You can even break it down further by having a plan to lose 5 pounds each quarter. Creating an action plan provides you with the tools to understand how you will accomplish your goals and to stay on track.

5. Accountability. Tell someone about your resolution. Just doing this could provide you with the motivation to succeed. Additionally, telling the right person(s) will provide you with someone to offer up support and encouragement when you need it.


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