PTIC Holiday Festival 2017

Posted on December 27, 2017 by Chad Bergman

PTIC Holiday Festival 2017

Christmas time is here! That means to go visit Santa Claus and tell him what you want for Christmas. Well here in Roxborough the elementary school practices different songs to sing at the Holiday Festival at Audubon on Thursday, December 14th from 6-8. In the same place where you would go hiking and trail rides as a family, Roxborough held the 

Holiday Festival here. If you went to the festival that night, there were many different activities to do. One building had a table full of plates and cookies, then with Hot Chocolate at the end to warm up that chilly night. After you grabbed a nice yummy cookie off the plate, there were different crafts you could create also. The crafts contained ornaments and different other fun activities.

    After finishing up a fun activity to remember, there was then another building where Santa came to get a picture. As you waited in line to see the jolly old man, you could get your face painted after or before you got your picture with Santa. After visiting Santa and getting your picture and face painted the choir then was about to start. The kids were all standing in darkness but their wonderful singing lit the night up when they first started. Standing in the cold does give you the shivers and want to make you go home but what’s better then doing a carriage ride.


    Walking out to the parking lot, there stood a magical carriage with two huge horses. Climbing in the carriage could have not felt nicer then looking at all the stars with the special person beside you. As the horses walked you on the trail, you could make out all the amazing different constellations, but with the kids you could have been trying to make them sit still. With an amazing night home was only a little bit away, tuck the kids in bed and watch them fall asleep instantly. That night couldn’t have gotten any better.

Article written by Maddyson Stadler.


Article written by Maddyson Stadler. 

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