RWSD’s New Water Treatment Plant

Posted on November 3, 2015 by Krysta Cossitt

RWSD’s New Water Treatment Plant

To put it simply, Roxborough receives its water from the runoff of Rocky Mountain lakes, rivers and its snow fall. However, the City of Aurora owns the water rights and through a permanent raw water supply agreement, the Roxborough Water and Sanitation District (RWSD) takes a portion of the runoff as it enters the area. The rest will then travel out of the Roxborough area and onto Aurora via a pipeline.

Currently, the Roxborough Water and Sanitation District is underway with the replacement of its current water treatment plant which was built back in 1958. Once complete, the new water treatment plant will be able to treat up to 8 million gallons of drinking water per day. While the RWSD will own the new water treatment plant, Dominion Water and Sanitation District is paying half of the overall construction costs.

Construction started back in August and since then the base foundation for the water treatment plant has been poured for the filtration building and partially poured for the tunnel to the pump building. You can watch the project come to fruition through time-lapsed photos here.

Water Plant1

The new water treatment plant is expected to be providing quality water to the Roxborough residents as early as spring of 2017.

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