Seven Stones Chatfield: A Botanical Gardens Cemetery

Posted on April 28, 2015 by Krysta Cossitt

Seven Stones Chatfield: A Botanical Gardens Cemetery

Last Thursday, April 23, 2015, Seven Stones Chatfield celebrated its official groundbreaking with approximately 150 in attendance. The locally owned company will be a 35-acre botanical gardens cemetery located off North Rampart Range Road just south of Chatfield Reservoir. It will also be the first cemetery in Douglas County in over 100 years.

“Seven Stones will be a unique botanical gathering design, with flowers, trees, winding paths, water features, artistic sculptures, fire pits, and outdoor gathering and seating areas. It will be a peaceful place where we can spend time together remembering, celebrating and sharing stories,” said Charlie Piper, Executive Chairman of Seven Stones.

Seven stones1
From left to right: Don Guerra (V.P. of Acquisition & Development & COO), Monte Lowsaw (V.P. of Construction), Steve Hawley (V.P. of Sales & Marketing), Doug Flin (V.P. of Planning & Product Development & CPO), Charlie Piper (Executive Chairman).

Seven Stones will be the first of its kind by not just offering a beautiful area to honor loved ones at but also by offering ground burial and cremation memorials with unique options including tributes that incorporate technology and new materials such as glass, copper and bronze. Mausoleums, private family estates and pet memorials will also be incorporated into the gardens. Piper adds, “We created Seven Stones because we saw the need for a different final resting place, a more welcoming place for loved ones to truly want to visit.”

Seven stones2

The project is scheduled for completion in late 2015. Roxborough residents will begin to see the completion of phase 1 which will include a welcoming entrance to the cemetery. The entire project will include; artistic memorials, estate style and traditional lawn memorials, cremation garden memorials, garden mausoleums, green burial, water features, pavilions, integrated technology and pet memorials.

Seven stones3

For more information or arrangement needs, please contact Seven Stones Chatfield at 303.717.7117 or visit

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3 comment on “Seven Stones Chatfield: A Botanical Gardens Cemetery”

  • I think this is wonderful.
    In London I visited something similar
    A rose garden with a bush above each set of ashes with a brass name tag on each bush, wandering paths and benches. I would also like a columed walk way. How do I get info on prices and options. I’m not young, times a wasting.

  • I would like a price guide for some of the less expensive areas for ashes to either be spread or buried with some sort of marker! I’m happy to make appointment to see in person what my options are and their costs. I could put a deposit down possibly to reserve a spot. Thankyou

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