To all our officers

Posted on January 17, 2018 by Chad Bergman

To all our officers

The men and women of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office commonly put themselves in dangerous situations on a daily basis. Our community is safer because of their continued sacrifices.

December 31, 2017 was a very hard day to handle. Several of our officers put themselves in extreme danger for many innocent people in a serious situation. Littleton, Colorado had a very stressful morning as multiple officers were called to go and help a man who needed assistance. Around 3 o’clock in the morning of December 31, 2017, there was a call to Douglas County Sheriff’s Office dispatch of a noise complaint. Multiple deputies showed up to the apartment and talked to the man and the man’s roommate. After Deputy Parrish finished talking to the man, the officers left. A couple hours later, another call was made, but this time it was a disturbance call. The man’s roommate was outside talking to the deputies telling them that his roomate needed help. While Deputy Parrish walked into the apartment with the other deputies behind, shots were fired. Four deputies were shot, but only three were able to make it out of the apartment safely and get help. A short while later, SWAT and the Bomb Squad were called and even more shots filled the air. Finally, the shots stopped after the man was shot and killed as he continued to threaten others. Deputies were then able to rescue Deputy Parrish from the apartment.

The officers that were shot and injured are mostly out of the hospital and have recovered physically, but let’s make sure to continue to offer support as a community. This is going to be an extremely difficult time for the Sheriff’s Office now that they have lost a brother. Thank you to all the fellow citizens who went to the Douglas County Substation to bring flowers and notes to the family of Deputy Zack Parrish. It is nice to see our community coming together as one and to know that we will continue to support each other. Please continue to show love and support to our Sheriff’s Office by showing them how much they mean to us and how much we appreciate their willingness to keep our community a safe place to live and work.

We will continue to pledge the Parrish family our love and support and show that we will always be there for all of our law enforcement officers. Deputy Parrish will always be a hero to everyone.

To support the Douglas County Fallen Officer Fund, please check out the Sheriff’s Facebook page.  and website

Article written by Maddyson Stadler.

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