Top Q&A on the Sterling Ranch Development

Posted on January 31, 2011 by Chad Bergman

Top Q&A on the Sterling Ranch Development

Here are the principal questions members of the public are asking about Sterling Ranch:

Q: Will there be recreation centers and pools that my family can use in Sterling Ranch?
A: Yes.  Recreation centers and pools will be open to area residents for approximately the same fees incurred by Sterling residents.

Q: When will the high school and middle school be built in Sterling Ranch?
A: When Douglas County Schools determines that Sterling has enough new residents to justify news schools, the high school and middle school will be built.

Q: How will Sterling affect  property values?
A: With the new amenities, property values in surrounding areas will increase faster than in Denver, according to research by Metro Study, a group that conducts real estate research.

Q: What kind of new jobs will Sterling bring in the next few years?
A: Sterling will bring 20,000 development-related jobs over the next 20 years, including architects,  engineers, land-use planners, builders, construction managers and workers, excavators, electricians, plumbers, interior designers, landscapers and more.

Q: How many permanent jobs will Sterling create?
A: 9,000 permanent jobs over the next 20 years, including teachers, administrators, medical  workers, retailers, police, fire, sports-related workers, civic employees, maintenance workers, software and light industrial workers.

Q: How will Sterling prevent sprawl?
A: Seven unique villages will be built in the contours of the land, each surrounded by open space.  There will be no building on key ridges.

Q: How much of the land will be preserved for open space?
A: 37%–1,250 acres-will be preserved for open space, wildlife corridors, parks and Community Supported Agriculture. This is land never previously open to the public.

Q: Is it true that Sterling Ranch will be twice as dense as Highlands Ranch?
A: No. Sterling’s compact villages will not only allow 37% open space but will be comparable in density to Roxborough Village.

Q: How will Titan Road be able to handle the traffic?
A: Area residents will have multiple roads to exit the community going east.  The multiple options will disburse traffic in the Chatfield Valley.

Sterling Ranch opened an Information Office four months ago on the second floor of the Roxborough Marketplace, across the hallway from the Roxborough Neighborhood Library. Members of the public can view the latest plans for the 3,400 acre proposed community from 10 AM to 2 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and also from 6 to 8 PM on Thursday. Online at Sterling Ranch

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