Roxborough Dogs, Listen Up!

Posted on February 23, 2016 by Krysta Cossitt

Roxborough Dogs, Listen Up!

There are many great trails and open spaces in and around Roxborough. But, many of them don’t allow for man’s (and woman’s) best friend. Here is a great list of off-leash dog parks close to Roxborough that will keep your pooch entertained.

The King of all off-leash dog parks is the one within Chatfield State Park. Not only do dogs get to run around 69 acres of space including miles of paved and unpaved trails but, they also get to play in two ponds.


Another large off-leash dog park is on the other side of I-25 at the Glendale Farm Open Space. 17 acres are available to dogs including a fun agility course for your pup to explore. There’s also a 1.6 mile trail where you can walk your dog, on leash, before or after s/he runs around.


Fido’s Field Dog Park is a cute 2 acre area for Fido and all his friends to play around in. There’s even a water spout available in the summer.

There are several other off-leash dog parks in the Highland’s Ranch area as well as a couple other note-worthy parks a bit farther out in Parker and Larkspur. Regardless of where you take your dog, there are some rules that everyone needs to abide by in order to keep off-leash parks safe and fun for everyone.

1.) Pick Up After Your Dog: almost every park has doggie bags but its still a good idea to bring a couple of your own. Scoop your dog’s poop so parks and the environment remain clean. If that doesn’t motivate you to clean up after your pet, a $50 fine per incident might.

2.) Leash Your Dog: keep your dog leashed when in parking lots and on trails. Wait until you and your dog are safely inside the fenced in off-leash area before you unleash. When inside fenced in dog parks its always a good idea to leash your dog to prevent any instances if you anticipate a problem.

3.) Voice Control: your dog should always be under control and responsive. If your pup isn’t responsive to your commands, you should reconsider your participation in an off-leash dog park.

4.) Helpful Tips: a couple things that make for successful trips to off-leash dog parks are tennis balls, plenty of water and adequate time.

For more information and additional dog parks, please check out this great dog park brochure published by Douglas County.

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