Snow Day!!!

Posted on February 2, 2016 by Krysta Cossitt

Snow Day!!!

For a lot of us here in Roxborough, today is a snow day. This can evoke many emotions ranging from excitement to dread. Below are some fun facts, tips and activities to keep your emotions towards the excitement side of the scale.

Snow Day

Can’t get to the gym today? Not to worry – shoveling your driveway can be quite the workout. Here’s a calorie counter that will calculate the number of calories you burn by shoveling snow by hand for one hour.

Snow Day 1

Need an activity for your kids that doesn’t involve glue sticks, cooking or too much of your time? How about creating a competition around cleaning their rooms? You heard right – kids typically don’t like to clean anything but they do love a competition especially when there are prizes involved. Prizes can be awarded to the cleanest room, most organized and the largest quantity of items collected for donation. For older kids, add a design component for rearranging furniture or creating new artwork within the rooms. It should be noted, however, that great prizes are the key to this competition’s success.

Take your snow man to the next level with some color. Incorporate a couple drops of food coloring into a spray bottle filled with tap water. Give the bottle a shake and you are ready to paint your snowman. Tighten the spray bottle’s nozzle to cover a larger area of your snowman or loosen it to create more detailed lines. Fun for all ages!

According to, Georgetown, CO holds the record for the most snowfall in one calendar day. An amazing 63 inches fell on December 4, 1913. A much greater amount of snow fell in a 24 hour span from April 14 – 15, 1921 in Silver Lake, CO. That incredible total was 75.8 inches!!!

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