PTO Today National Group of the Year

Posted on September 8, 2015 by Krysta Cossitt

PTO Today National Group of the Year

Although residents of Roxborough believe the community is one of Colorado’s best kept secrets, it’s no secret that its Parent Teacher Involvement Committee (PTIC) is something to applaud.

The 86 volunteers that make up the committee are responsible for organizing community and school events throughout the year like talent shows, science fairs, holiday festivals and community auctions just to name a few. Their mission is to create fun, have fun and raise funds so that education becomes more enjoyable for kids and Roxborough schools receive the funding they need to continuously improve.

What makes the Roxborough PTIC so uniquely special is the dedication to organizing a variety of events and fundraisers to appeal to and connect the entire community, not just families with children in primary and intermediate schools. And, what makes them successful is the dedication of all the volunteers and the structure of their roles and responsibilities within the committee.

So, it came as no surprise that this year’s PTO Today National Group of the Year award went to the Roxborough PTIC. There is an estimated 55,000 parent-teacher groups in the United States so this award is quite an honor. Click here to read more about why the Roxborough PTIC received this award.

PTO Today is a media and services company focused on the world of parent-teacher organizations. They provide tools and information to start, maintain and grow parent-teacher groups.

There are many ways you can show your support for the Roxborough PTIC. Visit their website to learn more about donating, volunteering and/or attending their many community events and  fundraisers.

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Krysta Cossitt, owner of Cossitt Concierge, has been a resident of Roxborough for three years. She lives in the park with her husband, Travis, and dog, Ruby. Cossitt Concierge offers individuals and families an affordable way to offload a range of tasks in order to manage an active lifestyle including event coordinating, organizational tasks and you guessed it - blogging.


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  • Great work guys! My mom used to be involved in a PTO organization when I was growing up. It was great because we were all informed about events and programs going on in the community. Congrats on getting that award! You must be great.

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